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Now on special sale

Small and light, high output
Weight is only 2kg, But output is 30A(MAX)

Price 18,270pesos
A special discount 12,000pesos!

OUTPUT DC 5V- 15V (variable) MAX 30A
(WxHxD) 175x67x165mm
A lightweight high efficiency mobile antenna of 7MHz
Daiamond HF40FXW P5,000
1/4 lambda base loading
1.4m 270g input 200W
The details

brand new transceivers
Icom HF Base type ,HF Mobile ,VHF/UHF Base type , VHF/UHF Mobile , VHF Handheld, Repeaters Download Brochure
Kenwood HF/VHF/UHF+1200 Base type , HF Base type ,VHF/UHF Mobile , VHF Handheld, Repeaters Download Brochure
Yaesu HF Base type ,HF Mobile ,VHF/UHF Base type , VHF/UHF Mobile , VHF Handheld Download Brochure
Download Brochure
Diamond VHF Base type, VHF/UHF Mobile, HF Mobile, HF Dipole Download Brochure
about HF antenna
Inverted-V for 40m how to make of an Inverted-V antenna
Second hand transceiver and used computer
Now in stock Icom, YAESU, KENWOOD,etc
Yahoo japan auction
(link is Japanese)

If you want second hand amateur radio equipment,
we can help you look for the item on your behalf in the Yahoo Japan Auction..

1) Please let us know what items you need
2) We will try to find out the equipment matching your requirements in the Yahoo Japan Auction.
3) When we find the available items, we will send you the specification.
4) We need to know your approximate budget in advance.
5)Please be advised that we would be unable to approach the auction site, when your budget is too small for the item you want.
6) Please be aware that Yahoo Japan Auction policy is: no return, no cancellation, no complaint.
7)You pay it to us in peso. We pay it to an owner of an item in the yen.
8)Our fee is included in asking price to you.

I supplement it and explain an automatic bid of Yahoo auction.
For example, it is assumed that today's price of an item is P10,000.
You bid P20,000 of a maximum budget.
If nobody bids it, you can knock down an item in P10,000.
If somebody bids P15,000 and time out , you can do a successful bid in P16,000.
If somebody bids P19,000 and time out , you can do a successful bid in P20,000.
If somebody bids P21,000, you cannot knock down.

We arrange repair of all kinds of transceivers

We offer the opportunity to repair all kinds of Transceivers.
We send all units directly to the Japanese manufacturer's service center.
We offer to act as your proxy.

1) Please tell us what kind of fault your unit has.
2) We will translate the fault information into Japanese.
3) We will then call the service station in Japan.
4) We can ask for a rough estimate for the repair
5) You can then decide whether you wish to proceed on the basis of the estimated cost.
6) You can then send your damaged unit to Japan by your self.
7) Some Japanese service center have a policy which require a Japanese proxy to send the damaged unit to Japan on your behalf and, when it being repaired, the proxy arrange to send it from Japan to you directly.

We have a spectrum analyzer,digital oscilloscope and RF signal level tester

All kinds of spare parts available

IC's , Transistors, Resistors, Capacitors, Filters, Switches, Cases, Connectors, Terminals

Here are some samples

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Dealing: Transceiver, Computer, Measuring Instruments and IT Parts
Service: IT Item Repair, Computer System & Software Development
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